Feb 12

Written by: Xantel
2/12/2010 12:00 AM 

Enterprise business system provider Xantel, Inc. (“Xantel”), today announced the release of AMAPS+PLUS/On Demand, extending the functionality and providing Internet based access to the AMAPS+PLUS suite of applications.  They have been tailored for the small to mid-size manufacturer needing FDA compliance or early stage company seeking FDA certification for its products. 

“This new release of AMAPS+PLUS allows a manufacturing enterprise with compliance needs to further leverage the collaborative power of the Internet by adding engineering change and revision control and lot traceability with explicit control of all types of documents, tests, quality and specification data in a simple, logical, fully integrated system,” said Warren Hinze, Xantel’s CEO.

With integrated manufacturing oriented ERP sharing a common database of information, the AMAPS+PLUS application suite comprises one of the leading online business applications and supports the compliance needs of the medical device, food or pharma enterprise, fully integrating back office, front office and e-commerce functionality.

 “The medical device, food or pharma manufacturer now has access to information power and functionality previously enjoyed by only much larger companies,” added Hinze, “and we believe that the simplicity and affordability of an Internet based product delivered in an “On demand” subscription model will allow these manufacturers to become more cost competitive,  responsive to their trading partners and more readily compliant.”

Xantel is the exclusive provider of AMAPS+PLUS to manufacturers

AMAPS+PLUS/On Demand is off to a fast start with customer implementations currently under way in the Twin Cities.  “AMAPS+PLUS with a hosted, subscription delivery model is perfect for this market.  Clients can pay low monthly fees for the applications, rather than large up front license fees or adding IT support staff.  When they want to add users, there is a small additional monthly fee or when they delete a user, the fee for that user goes away,” says Leo Thome,  Xantel’s Chief Technology Officer.

The Benefits of AMAPS+PLUS and Xantel Support Services

The integrated AMAPS+PLUS application suite is made up of full-featured manufacturing modules that include Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply Chain, Costing, Document Control and Accounting links. Since the smaller FDA-regulated manufacturer generally has to be FDA compliant in their processes as well as product certification and trials (often pre revenue), each company has their own unique sets of information requirements. The AMAPS+PLUS modules offer a menu of solutions that can be mixed and customized to match individualized needs.

According to Thome,  “AMAPS+PLUS/On Demand  is built on technologies that accommodate a centrally hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) model, or it can also be locally-hosted, with the server located at the user’s site and accessed over the user’s internal network.   For this market, AMAPS+PLUS will appropriately be offered for either environment”

Thome added, however, that “the centrally-hosted systems eliminate the need for up-front capital expenses by the user or an IT staff to handle system installations, upgrades, backups, etc.  Instead, Xantel becomes the manufacturer’s IT support partner for a very reasonable monthly service fee.” “Either way,” stated Thome, “users have the same easy and economical worldwide access to real-time data for unprecedented speed-to-information”.

"Regardless of central or local hosting, the FDA-regulated manufacturer is afforded powerful information applications.  As they embrace network-centric collaborative strategies that bring them closer to their customers and suppliers, they will require an increased level of technology and application support that generally will not be available in-house. Xantel will continue to fill this need with its unparalleled level of customer service and support,” stated Hinze.

“We have extensive experience in this market segment,” concluded Hinze.  “And based upon that experience, Xantel strongly believes that proficiency in implementation, product tailoring, product training, and ongoing support, will ultimately prove to be the key competitive differentiator in successfully serving the small to medium-sized medical device or pharma  manufacturer.”

About Xantel, Inc.

Xantel has supported the AMAPS family of manufacturing control systems since the 80’s.  Customers range from the largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the world to entrepreneurial, pre-revenue medical device companies.  Xantel develops, deploys and supports Internet and Local Server-based applications plus services that are specifically designed to enable small to mid-size manufacturers the ability to leverage the Internet to most efficiently conduct all aspects of their business.  AMAPS+PLUS applications are fully featured while being easy to use and implement.  By integrating full-featured FDA compliant ERP applications with leading edge Web-centric collaboration capabilities, Xantel provides small to mid-size FDA regulated manufacturers with the complete solution they need to compete, be compliant from the beginning and grow in the new Internet economy.