Oct 10

Written by: Xantel
10/10/2012 2:54 PM 

Xantel is pleased to announce the release and delivery of full integration capability between AMAPS+PLUS and QuickBooks® by Intuit®.  This integration continues Xantel’s fulfillment of the delivery of manufacturing ERP systems which are open to full integration to third-party general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems. 

This integration includes integration of order shipping and price data to QuickBooks® accounts receivable so that the creation of invoices and the tracking of receivables are seamlessly enabled.  Also, AMAPS+PLUS passes purchase order, vendor and receipt information to QuickBooks® accounts payable to seamlessly facilitate appropriate payment to vendors. 

Additionally, AMAPS+PLUS passes revenue, cost and expense data in the form of journal entries to the QuickBooks® general ledger chart of accounts.

All in all this represents a seamless, complete integration with full bi-directional data exchange between AMAPS+PLUS and QuickBooks®. 

About Xantel

Xantel has supported the AMAPS family of manufacturing control systems since the 80’s.  This has culminated in the release of  AMAPS+PLUS On Demand .  Customers range from the largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the world to entrepreneurial, pre-revenue medical device companies.  Xantel develops, deploys and supports Internet and Local Server-based applications, plus services that are specifically designed to give small to mid-size manufacturers the ability to leverage the Internet to efficiently conduct all aspects of their business.  AMAPS+PLUS applications are fully featured while being easy to use and implement.  By integrating full-featured FDA compliant ERP applications with leading edge Web-centric collaboration capabilities, Xantel provides small to mid-size FDA regulated manufacturers with the complete solution they need to compete, be compliant from the beginning and grow in the new Internet economy.