Planning for the Future with a Long Tradition of Excellence

From Legacy Systems to the Cloud

The AMAPS Product Suite from Xantel, Inc. has been around for a long time—we were there to support the early efforts to bring MRP to American manufacturing, and we have continued to evolve our software solutions for the ERP software market today.

The AMAPS software has helped American manufacturers build everything from military vehicles to ships; from nutritional products to pharmaceuticals to wheel chairs. We have worked with very large Fortune 500 companies all the way to small, start-up manufacturing companies.

Today, we offer AMAPS+PLUS, an up-to-date product that offers current features like EDI integration; scanning, graphical interface running on servers, built on the years of design put into the original AMAPS products.

Our technical team shines when it comes to integration. We have years of experience integrating to all types of software systems from data warehousing to multiple financial systems, to in-house systems. We have experience in building the integration pieces whether it is from legacy systems to the latest software solutions, on multiple platforms.

The AMAPS product was designed and built using technology that supports integration. We use business objects to make the job easier. We will work with your team to integrate our AMAPS product to your supporting applications.