The Planning Sub-system supports the supply chain with both Material Requirements Planning (MRP+PLUS) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS+PLUS). These modules prepare the plan that is executed by the supply chain.

The Supply Chain Management Sub-System consists of seven modules.

The Customer Order Management System Order Entry module (OMS+PLUS/OE) is the repository of all pending customer orders.

The Purchasing Control System (PCS+PLUS) is the repository of all vendor related information such as contracts, contacts, qualification status, and follow-up scheduling among others.

The Inventory Control System (IVT+PLUS) manages the issue and receipt of goods either from vendors or your own production facility. IVT+PLUS, furthermore, maintains inventory balances by location or in a general category of floor stock.

The Lot Traceability System (LTS+PLUS) enhances IVT+PLUS by adding inventory location control by lot number. LTS+PLUS has comprehensive lot traceability functionality and lot management capabilities.

The Shop Floor Control Module (SFC+PLUS) monitors the progress of work through the production facility. SFC+PLUS supports both short and long range capacity planning.

The Customer Order Management System Pick Pack and Ship Module (OMS+PLUS/PPS) manages the packing and shipping of the goods. OMS+PLUS/PPS works in conjunction with IVT+PLUS and LTS+PLUS to ensure that the correct product was shipped to the customer.

Planner+PLUS monitors the execution of the plan throughout the supply chain and reports exceptions. This exception reporting enables you to concentrate your efforts in the areas where you will receive maximum benefit.