The sales order management administration function is the basis for OMS+PLUS/OE (Order Entry) and OMS+PLUS/PPS (Pick Pack and Ship). This sub-system consists of the Customer Order Management Product Definition Module (OMS+PLUS/PD) and the Customer Order Management Administration Module (OMS+PLUS/AD).

The Product Definition Module presents your products to the outside world. The catalog item number capability in the Product Definition Module enables the conversion of a selling unit of measure to an inventory unit of measure. Each catalog item is linked to a corresponding item master defined by Itemizer+PLUS. The Product Definition Module also handles the problem of superseded items. If, for example, an existing item is discontinued and replaced by a current version, the catalog item will remain the same allowing the customer to order the current item to fulfill their need seamlessly.

The Administration Module manages all of the data related to customers. This data includes ship and bill to addresses, contact data, customer classification data and market segmenting data such as SIC code, major market code, and minor market code among others. The Administration Module is the repository of product pricing data. Templates are used to create the pricing of data. The pricing system supports almost every type of pricing strategy.

Sales people are defined to the system in this module and assigned to offices and customers.