AMAPS+PLUS contains the Cost Development and Cost Management modules, and has integration capabilities with QuickBooks© and Mitchell Humphrey financial systems among others.

The Cost Development System (CDS+PLUS) calculates the cost of a product given the bill of material, routings, material costs, and labor and overhead rates. The Cost Development System satisfies the needs of accounting, operations, and sales and marketing. The accounting department, to comply with financial reporting requirements, uses the frozen cost. Operations uses the frozen cost to measure inventory levels since the only variable, in this instance, is the inventory quantity. Operations use the current manufacturing cost to analyze operations since it is the representation of the current state. Sales and marketing use any of the simulated costs to calculate what the product will cost in the future given changes in material, labor, or overheads costs. This knowledge helps in cases where the product's selling price is a result of the product's cost.

The Cost Management System (CMS+PLUS) converts manufacturing activity into its financial equivalents. A number of variances are calculated by the system. Two significant variances are the design change variance, the material substitution and the material utilization variance. The design change variance shows the gain or loss from the product improvement cycle. The material substitution variance is indicative of the company's ability to execute to the materials plan. The material utilization variance measures the value of material consumed against planned consumption.