There are a number of features standard throughout the AMAPS+PLUS product. The Ask AMAPS product gives you access to the AMAPS+PLUS database. You can create custom queries and display formats as your needs dictate.

One of the most important features of AMAPS+PLUS is the Intelligent Graphical User Interface (GUI). This comprehensive and easy to use interface unleashes the power of AMAPS+PLUS while significantly reducing the effort to retrieve and maintain data.

From a systems reliability and data-integrity standpoint the system's rigorous referential integrity, coupled with an easy to use template or profiles for maintaining data, gives you confidence in your data. Data edits and validates further extend data reliability. Audit trails provide a comprehensive record of when data was changed and by whom.

Document retrieval and display is supported via the Doc-link capability. This feature enables you to link together a wide variety of documents and diverse formats.

Application and system security form a protective wall around your application and data. The one-pad type password encryption algorithm makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to access the AMAPS+PLUS application.

Help and comprehensive system documentation complete the suite of standard AMAPS+PLUS features.