Item master data is the foundation of AMAPS+PLUS since every other module in AMAPS+PLUS depends on this data. Various departments throughout the organization maintain the data. Data accuracy, therefore, is essential.

Itemizer+PLUS Screenshot

The design, purchasing, quality assurance, materials management, and inventory control departments among others maintain item master data. The design department, for example, would maintain the description, unit of measure, drawing number and size, and via Doc-Link the pictures, specifications and other pertinent documentation.

The purchasing department maintains data such as preferred manufacturer, preferred vendor, purchase unit of measure, purchase to inventory unit of measure conversion factor, quote lead-time and over und under ship tolerance factors among others.

The quality assurance department maintains data determining whether the Lot Traceability System controls the item. If the item is lot controlled then the test and expiration default days would be entered as well as the lot mixing policy among others.

The materials management department is concerned about lead times and ordering rules.

The inventory control department maintains data related to location control and product receipt policies.

The data entry effort is reduced since Itemizer+PLUS uses profiles or templates to create the initial or default values. Templates are typically created based on the attributes of a class of items. Manufactured lot traced items may have one template while purchased lot traced items may have another.

Since this item data is of such great importance a comprehensive auditing system is included with Itemizer+PLUS. Each data element may be assigned to one or more reviewers. If the data associated with that data element changes, then the reviewer is notified of the change. The changed data is highlighted and the individual making the change is identified as well as the date and time. This review process is especially helpful when new items are added since each department responsible for item data maintenance can be automatically notified of the need to review their portion of the data.